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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What's a PamperPaw?

A: The PamperPaw is a food-grade silicone paw print that pet owners can use to spread on their pup's favorite treat in order to keep them distracted while you give them a bath!

Q: Why are there ridges on the PamperPaw?

A: We created the ridges to ensure that a sticky treat would get in the grooves of the paw and make it more difficult for your puppy to finish the treat super quickly!

Q: Will the PamperPaw stick to my bathroom tiles?

A: As long as the surface is smooth and shiny, and the tiles are at least 1" x 1", it will work great!  PamperPaw was specifically designed to stick to most tiles and bathroom walls! We designed PamperPaw with 15 small suction cups on the back so that even if your tub has small tiles with a lot of grout lines, it will still be able to stick without losing grip!

Q: Why not just put a spreadable treat on the bathroom wall and not use a PamperPaw?

A: Would you lick food off your bathroom wall? Neither would we…especially since bathroom walls are known for being breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and mold.  Even after cleaning a bathroom wall there is still chemical residue left behind that is not safe for your furry friend to ingest!

Q: What treats work well on PamperPaw?

A: Peanut butter (without the sweetener xylitol), sun butter, coconut oil, pureed sweet potatoes, and Kong spreadable cheese!

100% Safe For Your Pup

What people are saying:

"Absolutely amazing invention! I have NEVER given a dog a bath, completely towel dried them...and then waited for them to decide they were ready to get out of the tub!"

- Coleen in PA, USA

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